30 year mist nozzle


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Paper and textiles

Paper and textiles can suffer from static electricity and poor moisture stability.

The TrueFog, USA Humidity Control systems are an inexpensive, cost effective solution to cooling and humidifying factories throughout the world.

Using The TrueFog, USA high pressure fog system raises the relative humidity level as high at 95% without wetting, while reducing static electricity and (PM10) fugitive dust particles.

Typical Relative Humidity Levels for Selected Industries
Abrasives 50% Electrical Products 70% Oil Paint Spraying 80%
Brewing 80% Fruit Storage 95% Pharmaceuticals 50%
Candy 85% Fur Storage 65% Plastics 65%
Ceramics 90% Gum 63% Printing 50%
Cheese 95% Leather 75% Material Storage 90%
Computer Rooms 60% Libraries 50% Rubber Goods 50%
Distilling 60% Matches 60% Tea 65%
Meat and Fish 95% Textiles 85% Tobacco 88%