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To promote faster growth, increase yields, improve quality and reduce diseases. As a professional grower you know, that it is vital to monitor and control all environmental factors that can affect your crop.

Some of the most important environmental ingredients are optimum humidity levels, maximum light levels, ideal temperatures and reduced disease rates. One environmental control technology has proven itself more than any other, in commercial use, to successfully control and improve all of these vital environmental factors. It is the TrueFog climate control system.

The TrueFog system will provide you and your crop with the following Benefits.

Up to 95% relative humidity without condensation can be achieved. Humidity levels will be uniform throughout your greenhouse and precisely controlled. In the winter, TrueFog will prevent your crop dehydrating from the effects of your heating system.

In the summer, plant growth and production will slow down or stop when the temperatures exceed 85 or 90°F or when the humidity is lower than 40% or higher than 85%. TrueFog can eliminate the "peaks" and "troughs" experienced without an effective climate control system. With these excesses eliminated the plant has more time to grow and produce valuable fruit. In some cases TrueFog can make a greenhouse profitable in the summer where before it was closed due to temperature and humidity excesses!

In mechanically ventilated greenhouses TrueFog will dramatically reduce summer temperatures. TrueFog creates an artificial fog by atomizing water into 10 micron size droplets that suspend in the air before "flash" evaporating, leaving none of the "hot spots" at the ends of the structure that cooling pads are known for. The temperature drop that can be achieved will vary according to the evaporative potential of the incoming air. Reductions of up to 30°F (16°C) have been achieved. A realistic target figure is Wet Bulb temperature plus 3°F. Compared to the traditional "pad and fan" method of cooling, TrueFog delivers lower temperatures and most importantly temperature and humidity gradients are eliminated. Pad usage is in some cases eliminated or cut in half, a big energy saver. TrueFog systems also provide uniform cooling and humidification in all types of naturally ventilated greenhouses.

TrueFog is ideal for all those specialized growing situations, propagation, germination, rooting, tissue culture and especially for plug production. Leading University reports all confirm that a high pressure fogging system is virtually mandatory for plug production, achieving a high success rate with rapid growth. The high humidity created by TrueFog will allow a higher level of oxygen to get to the rooting structure of the plug, a major factor in successful propagation.

Many diseases are water related. By providing the required humidity in the atmosphere, traditional low pressure misting and irrigation can be cut back. Transpiration rates will decrease and the risk of water related diseases, such as Crown Rot or stem rot is substantially reduced. With a proportional chemical injector, TrueFog can also be used very effectively to instantly distribute throughout your greenhouse any fully water soluble insecticide or fungicide, substantially reducing labor and operating costs.

For growers operating without heaters, in winter, TrueFog can act as a thermal blanket to provide a degree of frost protection. In a severe freeze, frost damage to the plant tissue will be reduced.

The TrueFog high pressure fogging system has many unique features and benefits. These include custom sizing, easy grower installation, reliable stainless steel/bronze fitted nozzles producing droplets under 10 micron, anti-drip valves on each nozzle, automatic drain and flush valves, a wide range of high quality pump/motor combinations and triple filtration. If you have poor quality water, optional water treatment systems are available to prevent nozzle blockage. The TrueFog system is designed for minimal maintenance and TrueFog specializes in worldwide service after the sale.

Some of the key components and options of the TrueFog system are:



  Produces superfine, 10 micron water droplets and 0.008" nozzle orifice. 10 micron droplets are 1/10 of the diameter of a human hair!. Unique spring-and-ball check valve prevents the nozzle from dripping after the system has satisfied the temperature / humidity requirement.



Your choice of flexible atomization hose or rigid stainless steel fog line is custom designed and pre-assembled to meet your exact greenhouse specification. Installation is simple and fast. Isolation and drain valves in each fog line, controls the fog level for seasonal conditions.



Belt and direct-drive pump modules operate at between 800 and 1,200 PSI. The range of TrueFog pump features and options include, low inlet water pressure and high temperature water protection, fused 24 volt controls. Available in 6 sizes with nozzle capacity from 10 up to 1,350.

Our Programmable Logic Control centers allow for the complete control of all necessary functions for proper operation of the Truefog system within the greenhouse application. This equipment is designed for use with Technical (RO) water with all wetted surfaces made of 316 stainless steel and include every imaginable option for safe and reliable operation in any environment or application. The wide range of the Advanced TrueFog industrial quality pump modules features and options include;

Temperature Set Level Control
Humidification Set Level Control 
Automated Zone Control (Multiple)
Wind Speed Control
Wind Direction Control
Intermittent On/Off Timed Control
Chemical Injection Feed Pump Control
Emergency Shut Off
Low Water Shut Down (Pump Protection)
World-Wide PC Ethernet Control Of All Functions
E-mail System Status to Pager, Cell Phone or PC



Click on the picture to go to our catalog page With the TrueFog, USA Computerized controller, now, you can save labor, save energy, save water, and produce the best possible product, all with one compact, state-of-the-art environmental controller. The Grower's Choice automates on/off equipment (fans, pumps, heaters, TrueFog USA - fogging systems and irrigation valves), and proportional devices too (vents, curtains, valves, etc.). Virtually any device can be precisely controlled with GROWER'S CHOICE. This low-cost unit controls up to 24 different functions and can integrate zone information with outdoor information. The Grower's Choice gives you the precision you need in your controlled environment at a very competitive price, making it ideal for small to medium single-zone operations. The TrueFog GROWER'S CHOICE is the SMART CHOICE! For All you flow control needs. PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION......

Key Benefits of the TrueFog, USA - GROWER'S CHOICE CONTROLLER

Everything you need is included for one low price.

TrueFog, USA brings modern technology to your business for improved quality control and energy efficiency. Your controllers can be networked at a later time if you desire. The Grower's Choice is the Affordable Choice.