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Industrial Odor Control

OdorLogic is a breath of fresh air for your employees, your neighbors and your community.

OdorLogic developed as A Natural Organic Odor Neutralizer is a broad-spectrum odor neutralizer. It controls the full spectrum of odors (eliminating the need for multiple odor control products), and breaks them down for complete odor removal, leaving no peripheral odors or odorous byproducts.

Data from independent laboratories and researchers proves that OdorLogic is:

There is a major difference between odor neutralizers and simple masking agents.

If you’ve ever entered a public restroom and smelled the overpowering scent of cherry, you’ve been exposed to a masking agent. A masking agent is not effective for removing odor: it merely covers it up with another, stronger odor. When the masking agent wears off, the malodors become noticeable again. Or, while removing odor, they may introduce hazardous compounds into the very areas they “clean.”

OdorLogic is an odor neutralizer. It neutralizes malodors, performing complete odor removal from the air and making it unavailable for the olfactory senses to pick up. So what you smell is… nothing.

Broad-spectrum use eliminates the need for multiple odor control products—saving you money.

OdorLogic eliminates the need for multiple odor control products. It is effective against both organic and inorganic malodors. We have worked with facilities experiencing a wide variety of problems and have engineered an odor control system solution to their problems—often at less cost than noncompliance fines, add-on equipment such as scrubbers, and completely new systems like a wastewater treatment plant.

Furthermore— time, complaints, and noncompliance with governmental regulations cost you money and community good will. During the odor removal process, OdorLogic is used anywhere from a straight solution to a 600:1 dilution depending on the application and strength of the malodors. This flexibility in dilution rates, combined with our extensive range of application equipment, enables us to provide you with the most cost-effective odor control system possible.

OdorLogic is safe it  is nontoxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, and contains no harmful Chemicals:

OdorLogic is safe for both workers and the environment. It consists of natural organic compounds, food grade surfactants, and purified water.

OdorLogic is revolutionizing industries that deal with malodor problems—whether it be year-round, seasonal or application-based. OdorLogic doesn't simply mask odor with other fragrances or harsh chemicals. Instead, it breaks down and removes a full spectrum of both organic and inorganic odors—leaving your workers, your neighbors and your community with a breath of fresh air. It's safe. It's powerful. It's cost effective. And it's available to you.

OdorLogic was originally developed to be effective on a broad range of problematic odors. The mechanisms through which the products perform are complex—however, the fundamental mechanisms are adsorption, absorption, gas solubility and distribution constant enhancement, and reaction.

OdorLogic is most often diluted with water and applied via TrueFog, USA atomization systems as an aerosol into process air. The mix in these droplets separate with the oils forming a thin film over the water droplet itself. This skin creates an electrostatic charge over its outer surface that facilitates adsorption of the malodor molecules onto the droplet surface. With adsorption comes then absorption where the gas is taken up by the droplet (solubility) and held. At this point the malodor is under control. Studies have shown that with many acidic and basic gasses a reaction takes place after the gas has been captured within the droplet. This reaction with the mild buffer contained within OdorLogic tends to yield harmless organic salts.

Laboratory studies have proven that OdorLogic enhances the solubility of most gasses. This absorption, or solubility mechanism, coupled with the adsorption phenomena facilitates a gas uptake increase well over the amount of gas the buffer within the product can neutralize. The same laboratory studies show the product enhances the distribution constant of the captured gas, meaning the aqueous OdorLogic solution will give less of the captured gas back into the atmosphere out of the aerosol droplet. In this way, OdorLogic is able to neutralize odors of gasses with which it will react and with those with which it will not react. The non-reacting gasses tend to be the neutral hydrocarbons such as styrene.

TrueFog is the simplest and most effective method of removing odors from manufacturing, industrial and waste handling treatment sites. TrueFog odor control systems provide a safe and economical method of eliminating a wide range of odor problems.

Combined with OdorLogic odor-neutralizing materials for both interior and exterior applications. TrueFog is particularly effective with all natural neutralizing products, a blend of all-natural oils including peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus, is a highly effective odor neutralizer in even the most difficult odor control situations.

TF 450S fog nozzle

Spread over wide areas by the TrueFog System, OdorLogic will kill odors at everything from landfills and garbage dumps to stock yards and waste water treatment plants. The odor control system is equally effective against the offensive odors produced at industrial sites such as refineries, rendering plants, pulp and paper mills, and waste transfer and recycling stations.

Completely harmless — all OdorLogic odor control compounds used are either food or cosmetic grade, with a long history of safety in use. TrueFog works the way nature works, It is not a masking agent.

Released into the atmosphere, TrueFog attaches itself to malodor molecules via natural forces, increasing the overall molecular mass. This forces the molecule down to a lower atmospheric level where it is broken down naturally.

TrueFog spreads across large areas, keeping the neutralizer suspended until it encounters odors. The two elements then combine to form a neutral substance that turns into particulate and falls away harmlessly.

Custom Designed, lightweight and compact TrueFog provides a unique system that can be controlled completely automatically, 24 hours a day. TrueFog can be set up in hours, quickly alleviating complaints from neighbors as well as improving on-site working conditions.


• Aeration Ponds
• Air Scrubbers
• Air Handling Equipment
• Chemical Manufacturing
• Composting
• Industrial Exhaust
• Lift Stations
• Kennels, Animal Shelters
• Landfills, Garbage Dumps
• Liquid Waste Wells
• Wet Ponds
• Meat Packers
• Rendering Plants
• Oil Sludge Cleanup
• Poultry & Livestock
• Pulp & Paper Mills
• Recycling Centers
• Refineries
• Sludge & Slurry Handling
• Solid Waste Management
• Stockyards
• Waste Transfer Stations
• Waste Water Treatment