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Dust Suppression

TrueFog, USA Dust Suppression System brings state-of-the-art technology to the difficult and costly task of controlling dust at manufacturing, industrial and agricultural sites. It produces a ultra-fine water fog that effectively attracts and holds dust particles so that they can be more readily removed from the work place and other environmentally sensitive areas. In a typical application, TrueFog can serve as an auxiliary unit to cyclones, making them much more efficient, and earning, where applicable, emission reduction credits. TrueFog can also deliver highly effective odor neutralizing agents.

   Low Initial Cost. Low Operating & Maintenance Cost. Operating at 800 PSI, TrueFog requires no costly air compressors, making the initial outlay lower than a ventilation type control system. TrueFog can be installed for as little as 60% of the conventional bag filter type system. It can operate on as little as five percent of the total energy of a conventional system.

   TrueFog is delivered at .018 gallons (of water) per nozzle per minute. In a typical situation—.05 grams of dust per cubic foot of airspace - there would be, at any given moment, 210 times more water particles than dust particles (this is assuming both have the same density). Cooler Temperatures, Higher Productivity. TrueFog also provides cooler temperatures in hot, dry outdoor situations, improving worker productivity. Inexpensive to operate, lightweight and compact, the system can be set up in a few hours, quickly providing a safer, more comfortable environment while reducing labor costs.

   The TrueFog Dust Suppression System can be a big money saver. Water consumption averages only 1.08 gallons per hour per nozzle. Operating cost, depending on the size of the system, can be as low as 20 cents an hour, water and electricity combined.


   Reduces PM-10 levels in open plant areas by 50% or more - Will remove much of the finer dust particles - Safer than bag houses. No fire hazard - Can be used in high humidity conditions - Cools workers on jobs where hot-dry air is a part of work environment - Traps dust particles without over-wetting material.

   Each TrueFog Dust Suppression System is custom designed to catch and suppress dust in the most effective way at any given site. The atomization nozzle and delivery system create a 10-micron fog droplet without using a air compressor, resulting in exceptionally cost effective PM-10 suppression. Lightweight, compact, minimum of interference with plant and worker activity and easily installed.

   Completely automated operation programmable up to 24 hours. TrueFog can also Injects surfactants (making water wetter by 50%) to better attract and hold dust particles.

   TrueFog is highly effective in PM-10 suppression and can create a safer, more comfortable environment in a wide range of situations.