30 year mist nozzle


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Wine makers throughout the world have always suffered large losses in barrel rooms due to low humidity levels. The "New World" wines from the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere have not had the benefit of large underground wine cellars with naturally high humidity levels. They have had to move to modern-day constructions and create artificial environments resulting in humidity levels as low as 5%.

Wines in barrel rooms can lose up to 15% volume through the barrel over a two-year period due to fluctuations in humidity levels. "Topping-Off" is an exhausting and time-consuming process to replace these losses. Oak barrels in use or in store suffer from the swings in humidity and can be damaged even before use.

TrueFog, USA
has specifically developed this humidification system for wineries and barrel rooms. Expertly designed, these tailor-made systems are installed in the barrel room to accurately maintain the humidity level to around 85%. Flexible nozzle lines are mounted in the storage warehouse to give an equal distribution of the humidity. The system leaves no wetting of the floors or barrels when in operation and does not affect the stored wine.

The Vintner's Choice computer control system integrates with the air handler and fan systems to create a complete energy efficient environmental control system for wineries. The TrueFog system humidifies and cools the barrel room reducing losses to 1 or 2% per year, drastically reducing the labor involved in "Topping-Off". Applicable in all aspects of Viniculture and Eniculture the TrueFog system's return on investment is as low as one year.