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The TrueFog Industrial Climate Control System uses very high water pressure and specifically designed nozzles placed at precise intervals to give you the optimum humidity level for your greenhouse application. The entire system including high pressure pump, stainless steel tubing and brass nozzles can be adapted to any greenhouse. Since each system is built to your specific needs, the TrueFog System can be altered for use on various individual applications.


     One of the most important factors that the greenhouse manager must be concerned with is stress to your plants. Usually plants will encounter water stress as a result of being exposed to conditions which include improper humidity levels in relation to temperature.

     A plant has tiny openings on the surface of the leaves called stomata. Proper functioning of these openings is imperative to the plant's overall health. The stomata are responsible for all water evaporation from the plant as well as all carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange which is necessary for the plant to grow.

     When the temperature in the greenhouse is hotter and there is low humidity, the following chain reaction will occur. The air, with lower humidity, will draw moisture out of the plant via the stomata. At first this will help distribute the nutrients from the soil through the roots and throughout the body of the plant. Eventually, though, the plants moisture level will drop too low and as a defense, the plant will close the stomata to retain moisture and prevent additional water loss. While the stomata are closed, no carbon dioxide is absorbed. This in turn impedes the growth of the plant by stopping photosynthesis and will eventually cause the plant to wilt.

     With the TrueFog Industrial Climate Control System, the appropriate humidity levels can be attained and thus the surrounding air will be cooled by the evaporating fog. Since the level of humidity in the air will be higher, the humidity exchange from the plant via evaporation will be lessened. As a result, the stomata will stay open which allows for the essential carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange to take place which, in turn, allows the plant to grow and eliminates dangerous plant wilting.

     Although humidity and temperature factors are important, the plants optimum health will also depend on light as well as CO2 levels. The light quality in a greenhouse can be affected by the common greenhouse practice of whitewashing the glass to lessen the exposure of direct sunlight and help maintain lower temperatures.

     Whitewashing does help with lowering the temperature associated with long exposure to summer sunlight. However it also lowers the quality of UV light reaching the plant's surface.

     A greenhouse is the most effective way to control the plant's environment. However, the appropriate systems must be provided into the mix to maintain the most desirable plant growing conditions. The TrueFog Industrial Climate Control System works in several ways to create this optimum environment.

     First, it cools the air. As the artificial fog evaporates, heat calories are extracted from the dry air in the process. The cool air is heavier than the hotter air and thus will fall. The hotter air, like that in a hot air balloon will rise. This exchange of hot and cold air creates proper vertical ventilation and brings more CO2 into contact with the stomata and facilitates the carbon dioxide / oxygen exchange much faster than stagnant air.

     By adding humidity to the air, the TrueFog System will decrease the humidity variance between the air and plant thus lowering the demand for moisture from the plant from the air. This will drastically lower the plant's water stress and allow it to grow properly.

     Lastly, by cooling the air as well as refracting some of the light which enters the greenhouse, the need for white washing will be reduced or eliminated while still allowing quality light at the proper levels to reach the plant.

     By using the TrueFog Industrial Climate Control System, your plants will receive all of the above benefits of a controlled environment. When the conditions are kept at constant optimum levels, the plants stomata will stay open for longer amounts of time to absorb more carbon dioxide causing them to grow faster.

     The main differences between the TrueFog System and the common alternative which is a pad and fan system are vast. The pad and fan method uses a fan to blow air over a sponge-like pad saturated with water. In theory, the fan causes the water to evaporate and circulates the moist air throughout the greenhouse. The problem with this system, however, is that it can cause some areas away from the pad to not receive much moisture while areas close to the pad will get perhaps too much moisture which can cause fungal growth. This problem can be lessened by increasing the number of pads and fans throughout the greenhouse but this solution can increase your costs and maintenance time.

     The TrueFog System on the other hand, distributes the moisture-rich air evenly through the entire growing area. Also, since the system is installed overhead, mostly all of the fog droplets have evaporated before reaching the plant surface. Thus, the desired effect is reached, the cooler air falls creating the vital vertical mixing of air which facilitates the CO2 exchange, and in turn, growth.

     Some problems associated with the system include condensation within the greenhouse, if the output of the system is not balanced with natural climate changes in the greenhouse. Condensation occurs when the overall temperature in the greenhouse cools in relation to the humidity in the air. This can occur in the evening and overnight while the sun is down. If the air is full of humidity and the temperature is not hot enough for it to evaporate, the moisture will fall and collect on surfaces in the form of condensation.

     This problem can also be easily avoided by running the climate control system on a timed setting to release the most moisture during times of higher heat and lower humidity and release no humidity as the greenhouse temperature lowers to the point where it can no longer evaporate the moisture output.

     Another problem that the greenhouse manager must consider is nozzle blockage. Nozzle blockage is a result of water mineral deposit build-up. This can be easily corrected however, by a mineral deposit inhibitor which is run through the system at scheduled intervals to clear out the deposits in the nozzles. Also, the high pressure with which our TrueFog System operates allows for longer periods of time between removal of the mineral build-up than many conventional misting modules available on the market today. The water is forced through the nozzles at such a high rate of pressure it is more difficult for the deposits to accumulate in relation to some models which are attached to simple pumps which operate at a lower efficiency rate. At any rate, individual nozzles are relatively inexpensive, and can be easily replaced without major disruption of the TrueFog System's Functioning.

     Lastly, for the TrueFog Industrial Climate Control System to work efficiently and as it is intended, the greenhouse must be in areas where humidity of the outside air is generally average to low. Remember, the system requires that the air be relatively dry for the fog to evaporate while still in the air.

     In speaking to many greenhouse managers and owners, I have noticed a large percentage are concerned with possible difficulties in operating such a large investment. With so many variables to consider-temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide, oxygen, many are concerned with experiencing complications in getting the mix just right. However, once the system is installed and operational, and after some minor adjustments during early operation, the system basically runs itself. Scheduled maintenance is recommended and should be performed regularly to keep your system running smoothly.

     Even with these concerns, the greenhouse manager will realize that the TrueFog Industrial Climate Control System is capable of a wide range of uses and can correct many environmental problems that you may be experiencing now. It's relatively simple maintenance and inexpensive upkeep as well as it's various applications should prove that most greenhouses will benefit by the use of a TrueFog System. By managing the system effectively it can produce an overall positive effect on your entire crop.